RESTful APIs Available

APIs Available Description of APIs
Supporting Lists  
Current Session To get current company, user
Class/{id}?parameter1={parameter1} To get class
 /GetPaymentTerms/{id} To get details of payment term
 /GetPaymentMethods/{id} To get details of Payment Method
 /GetShippingMethods/{id} To get details ofShipping Methods
 /GetPriceLevels/{id} To get details of Price Level
 /GetCustomerGroups/{id} To get details of Customer Group
 /GetVendorGroups/{id} To get details of Vendor Group
 /GetItemGroups/{id} To get details of Item Group
 /GetCountries/{id} To get details of Countries
 /GetSalestaxGroups/{id} To get details of Sales Tax
 /GetCurrencies/{id} To get details of Currencies
 /GetJobGroups/{id} To get details of Job Groups
/FinanceAccount Import Account details from an XMLfile
/GetAccount To get all account details from the Chart Of Accounts view
/GetAccountDetail/{accountid} To get an account detail based on account ID from the  Chart Of Accounts view
/AddAccount/{accountname} Add a new account to the existing Chart Of Accounts table
/UpdateAccount/{accountid} Update the account details to the existing  table using account ID
/DeleteAccount/{accountid} Delete an existing account from the Chart of Accounts
/ImportJournalEntry Import a Journal Entry
/GetCustomers To get all customer details from the Customer Detail View
/AddCustomer/{customername} Add a new customer to the customers table
/UpdateCustomer/{customerid} Update the customer details for an existing customer using a customer ID
/DeleteCustomer/{customerid} Delete a customer from customer table
/GetCustomerDetail/{customerid} To get customer detail based on a customer ID
/GetCustomerVendorEmployee To get a combined list of customer, vendor, employees
/Invoice To get a list of all invoices for all customers
/InvoiceDetail/{customername}/{transactiontype} To get a listing of all invoices for a Customer and TransactionType
/ImportInvoice Import invoices
/GetVendors To get all vendors from the Vendor View
/AddVendor/{vendorName} Add a new vendor
/UpdateVendor/{vendorId} Update the vendor details for an existing vendor using Vendor
/DeleteVendor/{vendorId} Delete the Vendor from existing  table using vendor  ID return bool value
/GetVendorDetail/{vendorId} Get  the Vendor detail based on vendor ID from the Vendor View
/Get Vendor Bills Get a list of Vendor Bills
/Add Vendor Bills Add a new Vendor Bill for a vendor
/Get Purchase Orders Get a list of Purchase Orders for a vendor
/Get Item Receipts Get a list of Item Receipts
/GetItem To get a list of all items from the Item View
/AddItem/{itemname} Add a new Item to the existing Item table
/UpdateItem/{itemId} Update an exiting item  using Item ID 
/GetItemDetail/{itemname} To get  the Item detail using an item ID from the Item View
/DeleteItem/{itemId} Delete the item from existing  table using Item ID
Inventory Adjustments Adjust inventory using an item ID