As a company, we have tried to stay involved with entry-level financial accounting software as well as providing a solution to those that outgrow these entry level solutions.

In 2002 as we were getting involved with Dynamics GP, we were also looking for an entry level financial accounting solution.  We were hoping one from the same publisher, who was focused on their customers, and grounded in good technology would be a great plus.  However, this was not an available option then.  Microsoft, the publisher of Dynamics GP did not have an entry-level business solution, although they had Microsoft Money for personal finances. Other products in the market, while providing some reasonable functionality, seemed outdated, adding only peripheral solutions in an attempt to stay current with today’s business needs.  This ultimately limited the companies using them – as they grew, data volume grew, and needs grew… the software seldom kept up with this growth.

Closely following this, Microsoft introduced a limited version of their Dynamics GP product called Small Business Financials (SBF).  While, it had a lot of key features needed by small business and built on Microsoft’s SQL Server database, it was a little too rigid.  It continued to behave as if it was built for medium business… lacking the flexibility sought after by the small business.

In 2006, Microsoft’s Office team, introduced Microsoft Office Accounting (originally called Small Business Accounting) to complement their Office suite of products, for a small business, Small Business Server, etc… It looked like our dream of an entry-level accounting and mid-market solution from the same publisher would become a reality now.  A combination of a free express edition as well as a competitively priced Professional edition attracted, what we understand to be a couple of million users.  While several purchased this for a Microsoft solution, others purchased this for comparable functionality offered by other entry-level products, but built on more robust Microsoft technologies including the open database on Microsoft SQL Server, the same database engine used by larger companies.

This would allow a small business to start simple and stay in the same family of Microsoft products as they grew!   While the initial versions had some limitations, the gap quickly narrowed in subsequent editions.  A robust Software Development Kit (SDK) allowed third-party developers to integrate their offering and build add-ons to it.  We ourselves got onboard early, pursuing a manufacturing add-on to Office Accounting product.  A tight integration using the SDK provided the ultimate user, with a seamless user experience as they navigated from the financial side into the manufacturing side.

In November 2009, Microsoft shockingly announced the early termination of this Microsoft Office Accounting product.  Convinced that the Office Accounting product had the foundation to become a great product for small business, several attempts were made to convince the publisher to continue developing this product or allow other vendors to move it forward.  Unfortunately, these efforts eventually failed!

While these efforts were disappointing, our passion for the small business was only rekindled.  We started seeing the potential and an opportunity that had just opened both in the US market as well as worldwide… an alternative to existing legacy products, capable of meeting current business needs, built on a robust open database, something that was built on solid Microsoft technologies making it more easily extensible.

A grass roots effort was started by BizTechnologies in 2010, with an effort to ‘pick-up’ where Microsoft left off with financial accounting for small business.  The principals of BizTechnologies had already been in the financial accounting, inventory, and manufacturing marketplace for 16+ years by then.  we believe that we have arrived to offer a great set of core financial accounting functionality for a small business – built for any industry.

Built for the internet era, small business have access to BizSight 365 an online accounting software!  Cater to the growing need for a bilingual product, where a user can look up information in Spanish and at the same time have another user enter information into the system in English!  Document email interactions with your customers and vendors in your financial accounting software, so this information is available to everyone in your company… almost like a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system, but all within the same financial accounting software!  There is something in this for manufacturers as well with capabilities to create work orders, manage material and labor.