Professional Services and Consulting

We pride ourselves in delivering superior and personalized service. This is why we will invest the necessary time, upfront, understanding your needs and unique business requirements before offering our business management solutions and services. We believe that matching your needs to our offering is critical to our successful long-term partnership.

Software Implementation Services

Once you have made a decision to purchase a business management software you want this implemented quickly and easily, so your critical business processes are not disrupted. At the same time, you want your implementation to be well thought through so you can maximize the benefits offered by the business management software within your business environment.

As you may be well aware, implementation of a business management software solution requires a well thought through combination of project management, software functionality implementation, people involvement, training, processes, and procedures. This will lay the foundation for a lot of your internal procedures and needs to be well managed by people that understand the business environment so it can be completed most efficiently within the established budget and timeframe. Our staff has many years of experience managing and executing implementation projects and will help leverage your investment in your business management software.

Regardless of the size and nature of a business, the BizTechnologies has found that following a formal methodology to implement your business management software is critical to its success. This process includes using a well-proven implementation methodology that provides the necessary management exposure, project management, review of internal process to maximize the new system, as well as user training for day-to-day use.

The general steps of our Sure-Success Methodology are outlined below:

This short phase will introduce us to the management team, their expectation of the new business management software, as well as define who will be involved in what portion of the new system. This meeting will also explore existing good practices as well as expected business process within the respective functional areas. While the BizTechnologies will provide guidance and share best practices, and provide the necessary training, a strong internal project manager will also be paramount to the success of the implementation.

  • Management training

This phase in the implementation process will involve the key decision makers and influencers of the decision. They will be exposed to the computer system to make informed decision on process with the new system. Design new process and reports: Once management is exposed to the functionality of the new system, settings and process are designed around how the system needs to be implemented in their environment. This may involve system related process as well as non-system related processes. Any reports and other executive information required will be identified to support the process and decision making process.

  • Conference room Pilot

This phase will model the newly designed process discussed above in a controlled environment. It requires a sample of the data that will be used in the live environment and transactions are processed as if it were a ‘day-in-the-life’ of a user. The challenge here is to model as many of the key process flows as possible to make this a representation of the live system. This will also be the hands-on phase for the user to get familiar with the process as well as develop any other supporting procedures that are necessary. All data conversion or data entry that has been planned needs to be completed by the end of this phase and tested for completeness. A checklist will be developed and our consulting firm can recommend best practices.

  • Go-live readiness

This phase will validate the readiness to go live against the checklist that has been developed in the prior phases. All elements flagged as critical need to be completed prior to going live with the system.

  • Go live

While going live is a clear milestone in an implementation, it is a process of committing your mission critical business management system to your business. If the earlier steps have been followed diligently, the going live with the new system will be a smooth transition, with everyone clearly understanding their role in the new system. Typically an accounting period end is chosen to make the transition.

  • First month-end review

This review will provide the necessary guidance in closing the month and in developing/reviewing process and procedures to support the month-end close.

  • Three-month review

A post implementation review is important to fine-tune the implementation. This will allow us to identify areas of in-efficiency and allow us to modify the settings, processes and procedures.