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Bill of Lading (BOL) behaves as a natural extension of Microsoft Dynamics GP and creates a shipping document to the freight carrier, combining orders/invoices from Sales Order Processing. It provides standardiziation to ensure that the shipper, the the freight carrier, and the customer (consignee) are all getting the information they need to process goods through the supply chain. Its is VICS (Voluntary Inter-Industry Commerce Standards) format compatible and adheres to its basic guidelines.

Traditionally, The BOL navigates and behaves like Dynamics GP and can be launched from withing the additional menu selection of the Sales Order Entry screen. This greatly simplifies training users on this add-on as they are already familiar with the Dynamics GP interface. The BOL from the BizTechnologies provides an easy-to-add, affordable solution..

Once shipments are prepared for the carrier, they can be easily printed as Microsoft Word documents. This additional flexibility allows the BOL to be further edited once the BOL is populated with data from GP.

Seamless integration into Dynamics GP

Include Pallet weights in shipment weights

Create BOL from either Invoice/ Sales Order

Print VICS compatible BOL in Microsoft Word

Prints 3 of 9 barcodes for BOL numbers

Compute shipment weights for carrier

Print VICS compatible BOL in Microsoft Word

Combine shipments and palletize

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