Custom Software Development & Technology Partner

You have a marketing website and now you have a presence on the web!  Next comes the technology platform to support your business vision…your idea!

  • You may want a customer, partner, patient, or financial portal- we can build this!
  • There may be other business specific technology integrations required with other providers that need to be brought together…so you can present a single offering!
  • You also don’t have all the time to sit with a team and design every page that your customer or partner will navigate through!  You want to share the concept and idea and let the team run with it!
  • Based on this idea, you want someone to ‘sketch’ a system, then allow you to give some feedback so it can be ‘tweaked’ to finished product!
  • We also know that ideas as a startup evolve and your technology partner needs to be flexible!
  • You may start with a substantial funding, limited angel funding, or funding out of your own pocket.  In all options, we realize how important it is to keep a tight reign of your budget.

This is what we do!  We take your ideas…marry this with our industry and other startup experience, bring your ideas to life!