Custom Software Development & Technology Partner

You have a marketing website and now you have a presence on the web!  Next comes the technology platform to support your business vision…your idea!

  • You may want a customer, partner, patient, or financial portal- we can build this!
  • There may be other business specific technology integrations required with other providers that need to be brought together…so you can present a single offering!
  • You also don’t have all the time to sit with a team and design every page that your customer or partner will navigate through!  You want to share the concept and idea and let the team run with it!
  • Based on this idea, you want someone to ‘sketch’ a system, then allow you to give some feedback so it can be ‘tweaked’ to finished product!
  • We also know that ideas as a startup evolve and your technology partner needs to be flexible!
  • You may start with a substantial funding, limited angel funding, or funding out of your own pocket.  In all options, we realize how important it is to keep a tight reign of your budget.

This is what we do!  We take your ideas…marry this with our industry and other startup experience, bring your ideas to life!

Our Development Process

Brainstorming Sessions
As soon as a nondisclosure agreement is signed, we exchange an ocean of information in order to understand your idea for the product and your targeted audience. We will work with you to prioritize the various aspects of your product.
This is one of the significant steps toward user interaction scenarios and UI design. It contains outlines of the user interface, page flows, form fields, and additional UI details.
UI Design & Click-Throughs
At this stage, we convert the wireframes into simple designs within a product shell. Rework is done many times to improve the details. UI design is done with the help of Photoshop/Firework. These basic UI elements with click-throughs will help you and us better understand the flow expected.
Front-End Development
After the UI design, we divide the mock-ups into HTML5-CSS3 pages. All front-end development related to various UI interactions is also done in this phase using all the technology components to build the final product.
Back-End Development
The database design is carefully planned for high traffic and concurrency. Back-end code is written in .Net, Java, Ruby on Rails and supports React or AngularJS against a SQL Server or PostgreSQL database. The integration of the application with different web services and third-party applications is done using their respective APIs.
MVP Launch
Initially, a soft launch is done to get feedback and reviews from actual users - both internal and external. Based on the user feedback and the effect of the changes, more minor changes are integrated within hours or days, while others are prioritized and the development process is repeated!